Dice Square Collection 1.0.1

Dice Square Collection 1.0.1


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Date Added:18 September, 2014

Author: MmpApps Corp.

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DICE SQUARE COLLECTION is an 8-in-1 collection of games related by the Dice Square combination scoring theme.

Totally free!! No in-app purchases.

DICE SQUARE: The classic dice solitaire game where you place dice in a 5x5 grid and each row and each column is scored as a separate dice set.

DICE CACHE: A variant of Dice Square where you have 4 cache spots where you can keep dice for later play.

DICE SPRAWL: A variant of Dice Square with a challenging constraint that dice can only be placed adjacent to a previously placed dice.

DICE CHOICE: A variant of Dice Square where you can choose the next dice to play from a set of five options.

GRAVITY DICE: A variant of Dice Square with a challenging gravitational constraint. You choose into which column the next dice will fall.

DICE CONFLICT: A competitive variant of Dice Square where you take turns with an opponent placing dice on the board. You score the rows (horizontal) and your opponent scores the columns (vertical). You can play the computer or a friend using Pass-and-Play.

DICE PILE: A variant of Dice Square where you can choose to place the next dice or put it on a discard pile. The top dice on the discard pile can be played at anytime revealing the die underneath.

DICE CIRCLE: A truly unique bonus game where you place dice in a large circle. All connected 5-dice sets will score.

Standard 5-Dice Set scoring is:

- Any like pair scores 1 point.
- Any consecutive pair (2-3 for instance) scores 1 point.
- Any like colored pair scores 1 point.

- A Full House increases the multiplier by +1
- A Straight increase the multiplier by +1
- A Flush increases the multiplier by +1
- A 5-of-Kind increases the multiplier by +1

Full Hand Multipliers are cumulative. For example a Full House all of the same color (Flush) will have a multiplier of x3.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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